Photography By Vincent Campanella
Greenwich, CT

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The ability to stop a moment in time and preserve it so others can savor or react to that moment for years to come is why I love the art of photography. My goal is to capture that fleeting moment in my photographs so that the viewer’s imagination will be stimulated to react, to think, and to feel. My hope is that my images will evoke an emotional response from the viewer. It begins by finding a simple or complex subject, framed and focused in my viewfinder, properly exposed, and combined with dramatic or subtle light that can emphasize the spectrum, detail, depth and texture of my images. The quality, directionality and intensity of this light on the subject and its surroundings will affect the tonal interplay of shadows and light found in both color and B&W images. If I am successful in combining these elements, then the end result could become a feast for our eyes and food for thought. 
I enjoy capturing these timeless images so that I can share a visual record of how and what I have been fortunate to see and to experience.  In my practice as a Radiologist, the study of the patterns of light and shadow help me to see the intricacies and secrets of the human body and its miraculous design in both health and disease. In my work as a Photographer, I use light, color and shadow not only to illuminate the beauty of the world around me but also to reveal what ails it. It has helped me to begin to understand and to appreciate the striking similarities and the significant or subtle differences found in the structure and development of many of the life forms that surround us.

 It gives me great pleasure to share my visions with people who see my work. My goal is to be successful in capturing the light so that these photographs have the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, the power to reveal the depth and detail of the beautiful world that we inhabit and are placing in jeopardy, the power to celebrate the love and laughter that we share with one another as well as bear witness to our inhumanity. Nothing exists if it isn’t seen or felt, if even only by the mind.

Vincent A. Campanella, M.D.